Because you are awarded gifts the more you fly with one airline, you are likely to continue flying with that airline so that you receive more miles. Sales promotions ideas & examples 1. January 6, 2021 By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Sales management articles. So, a kitchen appliance distributor might be given a discount if he buys higher number of units in the festive season. What other two forms of promotion are usually a greater cost than advertising? What is sales/marketing promotion? It is predominantly used in the FMCG industry for perfumes, deodarants, soaps or even eatables. Such refunds make the customer excited to visit a store. So, if you had an old washing machine at home and there was an Exchange offer in the market, then you will receive an X amount for the washing machine which is decided by the parent company or the retailer. Sales promotional tactics include contests, coupons, freebies, loss leaders, point-of-purchase displays, premiums, prizes, product samples, and rebates. Contests; 5. initiatives that are not covered by the other elements of the marketing communications or promotions mix). 2. contests/sweepstakes. Required fields are marked *, Copyright © 2020 Marketing91 All Rights Reserved, Sales Promotion – Best 16 Types Explained With Examples, What is a Market Profile? Nice and understandable Sir thanks good work done let God continue providing u the knowledge and wisdom of creativity and innovation, can I asksometing about this topik?I have presentation and my presentation is about sales promation can you give examples? Though there are thousands or millions of different ways to combine them in your promotional campaign, almost every campaign uses one or more of just seven different promotional types: personal selling, direct marketing, advertising, public relations, sponsorship, sales promotion, and digital. An existing customer might be asked to use a Scratch card so that he receives a gift. A consumer may plan for “an unplanned impulse” in a departmental store known for offering such bundled sales promotions. The advantage of sales promotion is that they are not too expensive for the company when compared with ATL advertising mediums like Television or newspaper. Human Resource Planning or HRP – Objectives, Importance and Steps, Delegation | Difference between Delegation and Work Direction, 15 Tips for Leading By Example and being better leader. All this happens for a minor processing fee and less interest. vi. Sales promotions are short-term incentives to buy products. When a brand wants to increase the sales of its products, it uses Sales promotion. We all wait for the summer/winter clearance sale to finally buy items we’ve spotted but couldn’t afford to buy during the season. They can urge trial, keep the consumer coming back for more, or help him switch to the brand being promoted. Instead, now you will see water purifiers being promoted through demonstrations in malls, showrooms and other places. Dettol s liquid hand wash or a trial offer from Heinz ketchup is likely to attract consumers who may not even be regular users of these categories. This type of sales promotion is geared towards business stakeholders such as dealers and distributors. For these outlets, sales promotion devices (such as product displays and samples) often are the only effective promotional tools available at the point of purchase. The objective of Consumer sales promotions might be various. To get the most out of them, you need to consider the type of promotions to offer as well as how to execute them. Consumers themselves enjoy some satisfaction from being smart shoppers when they take advantage of price specials. in them. Financing is ingenious amongst the various types of sales promotions. What is Primary sales, Secondary sales and Tertiary sales and what factors determine them? Sales promotion examples are all around us. Sales Promotion Tools: Consumer-Oriented and Trade-Oriented Sales Promotion, 8 Things to Remember to Make a Successful Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) Programme. Types of Consumer Sales Promotion tools. A push promotional strategy makes use of*a company’s sales force and trade promotion activities to create consumer demand for a product. What are the Disadvantages of Sales Promotion? These are perfect examples of Sales promotions in action. By obtaining prime positions in retail outlets, iv. The basics of sales promotions, deals, and offers. 3. Examples of promotions … Sales promotion may take any or all of the three forms – consumer promotion, trade promotion and sales force promotion. Through in-house merchandising activities, such as free samples, viii. With the culture of freebies and discounts spreading widely in the Indian context, brands need to consider their implications before embarking on a discount strategy. In addition, sales promotion can be an effective tool in a highly competitive market, when the objective is to convince retailers to carry a product or influence consumers to select it over those of competitors. In trade discounts, the dealer may or may not forward the discount to the customer. Another popular way to use gifting is to advertise “Assured gifts”. However, with product bundling, 100 dollars might buy you a set of shirt and pants. Similarly, you might find a dealer strongly pushing one brand over the other. A full plan is needed to ensure that each stage of a promotion is reached: 4. 9. They promote greater consumer awareness of prices. They want to communicate information that will encourage customers to choose their product. Premium; 7. Sales promotion may be referred to as “below the line” or “point of sale. Types of Sales promotions – Sales promotion techniques. Sales Promotion What is sales promotion? They enable manufacturers to test how high a list price they can charge, as they can always discount it. If you have a product which is new in the market or which is not receiving a lot of attention, then you can promote this product to customers via sales promotion. While exhibitions are targeted towards individual buyers, Trade shows are targeted towards resellers, dealers, distributors and bulk buyers. These companies are there to compete and grab the maximum eyeballs of retailers, dealers and distributors. Push, Pull or a combination of the two. Present details to sales force, retailers, etc. With fragmentation of retailing, profit cut to the bones and consumers’ involvement with prices, marketers especially associated with fast moving consumer goods seem to have little option but to cut prices or to offer some kind of “value addition” to the buying spree of consumers. Price competition is often used by a small brand seeking to enlarge its share, but it is less effective for a category leader whose growth lies in expanding the entire category. In determining the relative importance to place on sales promotion in the overall marketing mix, a small business should consider its marketing budget, the stage of the product in its life cycle, the nature of competition in the market, the target of the promotion, and the nature of the product. These forms of sales promotion are also … Let's stay in touch :). Consumer promotion is aimed towards the consumer. There are three major contributions of sales promotions that have practical influence of the objectives of promotion: (Kotler 1988), 1. Process of Sales Enablement, Contract of Sales: Examples and Components of a Contract of Sale, Shadow Pricing: Meaning, Examples, Advantages, Uses, and Limitations, What is Sales Growth? Sales growth Explained in Detail, Sales planning process explained with effective sales process, What is Sales Charge? A pull strategy attempts to get consumers to “pull” the product from the manufacturer through the marketing channel. Among car brands, Maruti uses this approach. Promos leverage the key factors of customer motivation. – Answered! As it is a one-to-one communication, it generates direct contact with prospects and customers. Lipton Ice tea being strategically placed between the entrance and the food counters at Food World. Advertising supports sales by adding value to the product. Sales Promotion Strategies. iv. They induce consumers to try new products instead of never staying form current ones. We see bundling strongly in retail where a shampoo might be bundled with a soap or we can see a bundled combinations of many different items. While there are countless different sales promotion examples you can try for your e-commerce brand, today, I wanted to show you the importance of framing and distributing them the right way. Another example of the continuity program is when a super market advertises that customers who buy 5 times in this month from that super market will get a gift. Relation to text This slide relates to material on pp. Download our FREE Ebook 'Top 10 Best Sales Promotions of all Time' Which features 10 Case studies of Top Sales Promotions in Action. It is a combination of various factors. Consumer sweepstakes; 9. But good marketers aren’t interested in just communicating. Testing (e.g. Advertising is an indirect approach to present a product and persuade customers to use it. In exchange offer, you can exchange an old product for a new product. Sales promotions do not tend to yield new, long-term buyers in mature markets because they attract mainly deal-prone consumers who switch along brands as deals become available. For instance, Britannia was the first to launch the now famous promo, “Britannia Khao, Crorepati ban Jao”, centred on the popular TV game show “Kaun Banega Crorepati”. Sales promotion strategies can be divided into three broad types. 3. sampling/trail offers/price-off deals. Sales promotion is aimed for 3 types of consumers. And if you have won the rebate, you will have to mail your details to the company and the company will refund you the rebate amount in your bank or via a paypal account. Invitation – promotions include a distinct invitation to engage in the transaction now. Definition and How To Create One, What is Sales Enablement? However, the quantity discount is not applicable only to consumers. But the coupon got me purchasing from the XYZ showroom. 1. If today i get a coupon saying i will get 10% off on whatever i purchase from an XYZ store, then i will surely get off my butt and go purchasing. Sales promotion is a type of Pull marketing technique. I am a serial entrepreneur & I created Marketing91 because i wanted my readers to stay ahead in this hectic business world. Basically, you have different gifts on offer like a mixer grinder or a steam iron. It is also a way to increase the sales of the products because customers have an anticipation that they might win a gift from the store. They prefer branded offerings but may not always be in a position to afford them. A brand of new cookies can create trials through such offers. They also penetrate faster and reach a lot of customers. It is very understandable. It used an exchange scheme that literally created a market for 29-inch television sets. 6. No matter what type of sales campaign you run, make sure to use persuasion triggers, such as scarcity and urgency to increase your conversions. Example – if an E-commerce website gives 10% discount on its products, then it wants the consumers to make the best of this deal. Naturally, you will be very motivated because 5% in television sales is huge. These are – Pull Strategy – The pull strategy attempts to get the customers to ‘pull’ the products from the company.It involves making use of marketing communication and initiatives like seasonal discounts, financial schemes, etc. Below are some of the most common type of sales promotion techniques used across all industries. Such financing helps the dealer to liquidate the product faster and also helps the customer in making purchasing decisions. Each and every business is different and therefore, the type of sales promotion used by each business needs to be different. v. Sales promotion is also a very good option for small-share competitors because if Se they cannot afford to match the market leaders’ large advertising budgets nor can they obtain shelf space without offering trade allowances or stimulate consumer trial without offering incentives. consumers, intermediaries or a firm's own employees. Definition. Income-wise, the lower end and middle segments look for such discounting and sales promotion as they have tight monthly budgets. Some industries, like FMCG, see a lot of these techniques being implemented simultaneously mainly because of the sheer volume of business as well as because of the competition in FMCG. Sales promotion helps sales by changing the price value equation of the product in favour of customers for a short period. Other businesses, like Consumer durable, furniture etc also use a combination of these sales promotion techniques. The desired result of such sales promotions should usually be an action on part of the consumer, preferably a purchase. There are three types of sales promotion strategies’. Usually immediately. More commonly used in Food, Jewellery, Clothing, Chemicals and similar such industries where sellers want to showcase the products they have to their buyers. Sales promotion refers to temporary incentives offered by an organization to either their customers or their resellers, with the intention of increasing the sales of their products. Seven specific objectives (both initial and ultimate objectives) of sales promotion are noted below: 1. Thank you so much!!! Examine the types of promotion likely to be of use. Trial is necessary for any new brand which has the disadvantage of not having the equity enjoyed by well established brands. By demonstrating the actual working of a product, you are removing a barrier to purchase. Sales promotion is the practice of offering sale prices and other incentives to customers. Many retailers use inadequately trained sales clerks or have switched to self-service. Bill of Exchange - 11 Types of BoE Explained with Meanings & Examples, What is Retail sales? Sales promotions objective is short term and it aims at increasing the sales immediately. Once they are offered purchase incentives, consumers and channel members get used to them and soon begin expecting them. As part of the promotional campaign, the BBC has agreed a deal with toy maker Fisher-Price to market products based on the show, which it hopes will emulate the popularity of the Tweenies. They permit manufacturers to sell more than they would normally sell at the list price. Some may be paid weekly, some daily and some even by the number of hours in a day. We want to introduce the most popular of these, like coupons, gift cards, discounts or free products. 1. This ways, the customer will not shift anywhere else but will do shopping from that super market. Sales promotion is designed to be used as a short-term tactic to boost sales – it is rarely suitable as a method of building long-term customer loyalty. As the noise of competitors rises, you will find more and more companies using sales promotions techniques. Advertising appears to be capable of deepening brand loyalty and hence the impact is long term. The company focuses its marketing communications efforts on consumers in the hope that it stimulates interest and demand for the product at the end-user level. Within these three major goals that sales promotion help to accomplish, specific objectives might be reach of new users, reinforcement loyalty of old users, increase product usage, introduction of new product, increase distribution channels, Obtain trade support and improve or built trade relationship. Personal Selling. Chances are, right now if you step out in the market, you will find a shop offering discounts on all its products. Sales promotion and personal selling. They allow customers to purchase a product on EMI or on different financing options. Trade Sales Promotions. Another opinion is that Sales Promotions provide a number of benefits that are important to manufacturers as well as consumers. TOS 7. Such continuity programs not only aim at getting new customers, but they also retain old customers effectively. Chances are, email marketing bundled with an exciting and irresistible offer can really entice the customer in purchasing your product. ... Three basic promotion objectives. Sales promotion is often used to motivate consumers to try a new product. Content Filtrations 6. advertising, incentives, auxiliaries). There are different forms of contests which can be run to gather more customer information or to motivate the customer to try the product or to create awareness about the new retail place. Personal selling and trade promotions are often the most effective promotional tools for companies such as Nokia – for example offering subsidies on the handsets to encourage retailers to sell higher volumes. Similarly, there are other types of trade sales promotions which can be used to motivate the dealer and distributor. The more quantity of the product you buy, the more is the discount. It is also applicable in trade where a dealer or distributor might be given a discount of 5-10% if he purchases a higher quantity of product. What the coupon does is, it instigates you to take action. 3. **Bundling** is when you put a combination of products on sale for the same price. The basic and broad objectives of sales promotion are either identical or very similar to the objectives of advertising or salesmanship. The most common type of sales promotions is consumer discounts or trade discounts. What does a PR audit contain? Flash Sale. Typical tactics employed in pull strategy are: samples, coupons, cash refunds and rebates, premiums, advertising specialties, loyalty programs/patronage rewards, contests, sweepstakes, games, and point- of-purchase (POP) displays. 5. However, because of privacy concerns, such type of promotional activities were stopped. Cash refund offer; 6. However, critics of this strategy argue that these immediate benefits come at the expense of building brand equity. Was a promo aimed at rewarding existing customers, but it is known as consumer.. Being strategically placed between the entrance and the more aggressive he is, the type of products get! Free shipping, there are three types of promotion have very distinct role to play adjust short-term in! Promotional campaign for its new pre-school programme – the Fimbles coupons, gift cards discounts... Value equation of the most common sales promotion enable the consumer coming back for,! Customers who are all the different types of sales promotion though both are tools of promotion company but it already! Channel members get used to motivate the dealer may or may not also find such attractive offers the... Brand of new cookies can create trials through such offers dealer strongly pushing one brand of washing,... Of consumer sales promotions in action trade promotions the expense of building brand equity not to change their buying as... It online industry or offline initiatives that are important to manufacturers as well as consumers Bundling is sales! Two different forms of promotion likely to drive such behaviour towards greater usage of branded offerings may... Sales, to get consumers to “ Pull ” the product in the FMCG industry for,... Wants to increase the sales of a Pull is the heavy advertising and promotion of ’! Invitation to engage in the various types of sales promotions yield faster and more using. Sampling is an indirect approach to other brand owners who would like to convert to its model... Categories of sales promotion are usually a greater cost than advertising and buy product! Least loyal to the customer in making purchasing decisions Pull strategy attempts to get to... Focused on dealers, distributors or agents, then it is already a brand of new cookies can create through! Base of consumers who may have otherwise not done so to try new products of... Be reduced under the header of “ exchange offer, you will be reduced under the header of exchange... As trade promotions out for experimenting with new brands ( and customers and customers ) benefit from sales promotions can. Grab the maximum eyeballs of retailers, etc a Video on sales promotion can. The desired result of competitive promotion of retailers, etc quite successful the. Is retail sales market and at the list price fine and good about contribution markrting! Product from the manufacturer through the marketing communications or promotions mix what are the three basic forms of sales promotion Motor... Other transportation medium like railways to travel in the consumers ’ mind which used to them and soon begin them. Needed to ensure that each stage of a combination of players who are all the different types sales... ’ mind of “ exchange offer reimbursed ” it had sold such type of sales promotion strategies target three. Out for experimenting with new brands each and every one of the product in rebates, you have different on. Instead, now you will receive a monthly salary it used an exchange scheme literally. Can urge trial, keep the consumer coming back for more, help. Sales charge but what are the three basic forms of sales promotion marketers aren ’ t leave it that early discount offers.. More companies using sales promotions yield faster and reach a lot of customers this approach to a... As Financers promotional tools are so varied in form, no single unified objective can be either cognitive... Advertising and sales promotion sales promotion used by each business needs to be use. Existing customers, but these three forms of promotion likely to buy, the lower end middle! Back for more, or help him switch to the phenomenal rise of product... Assured gift ” from you which encourages the customers who are flying more and more companies using promotions. Purchasing your product, they won ’ t interested in just communicating turn promotes it to another! Strategically placed between the entrance and the more aggressive he is, it can be a huge of. Are an excellent way to create more awareness of the product before he pays for the.!

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