On 27 September the Norman fleet finally set sail, landing in England at Pevensey Bay (Sussex) on 28 September. Famous Kin Surname Index. From http://www.englishmonarchs.co.uk/normans.htm. His grave has since been desecrated twice, in the course of the French Wars of Religion his bones were scattered across Caen, and during the tumultuous events of the French Revolution, the Conqueror's tomb was again despoiled. Duke Guillaume branded Harold a perjurer and appealed to Pope Alexander II for support. Robert Curthose remained at the court of France. His anxiety for money is the only thing on which he can deservedly be blamed. However it may have stopped future rebellions, frightening the English into obedience. The new ancestry line goes through one of Henry I:s older daughters Empress Matilda. One of thousands of articles selected and checked for the Wikipedia for Schools by SOS Children's Villages UK Following those events, only William's left femur, some skin particles and bone dust remain in the tomb. As dusk began to fall over Hastings, William ordered his archers to fire high into the air and one of these arrows is said to have hit Harold in the eye, blinding him, although this point is disputed by some sources. In 1085 started Domesday Book. "The next-born after Robert" according to Orderic Vitalis[36] who, from the context of this passage appears to be taking into account daughters as well as sons in his list of the king's children although, critically for deciding the birth order of the older children, he omits Cecilia in this section. A manuscript of la Trinité de Caen names "Mathildem Anglorum reginam, nostri cœnobii fondatricem, Adilidem, Mathildem, Constantiam, filias eius" heading the list of the names of nuns at the abbey[50], which, if the order of names is significant, indicates that Adelaide was older than her two named sisters. Robert Curthose (1054–1134), Duke of Normandy, married Sybil of Conversano, daughter of Geoffrey of Conversano. Courteney Cox → Cox (Bass) her mother → Samuel Bruce Bass her father → Florence May Betts his mother → William Obadiah Betts her father → Mary Frances Faulkner his mother → Sarah McGehee Stanfield her mother → Harrison Stanfield The Death of William I The last year of William's life was spent fighting in Normandy, in battle for the Vexin, a much disputed territory, which lay between Normandy and France. The arrival and conquest of William and the Normans radically altered the course of English history. William's grave is currently marked by a marble slab with a Latin inscription; the slab dates from the early 19th century. Most people didn’t have surnames back then, they only had a given name. It has proven useful to get a quick understanding of facts as well as to revise for a class test or an exam. Pedigree report of King William I “the Conqueror” Plantagenet, of England, son of Robert I of Normandy, 6th Duc de Normandie and Arlette (Herleve) Falaise, born on October 14th, 1024 in Falaise, Calvados, France. Julian Glover portrayed him in a 1966 TV adaptation of this play in the ITV Play of the Week series. England was bequeathed to his second surviving and favourite son, William Rufus and despite his bitter differences with Robert Curthose, he left Normandy to him. There is also a convict in the family tree with direct links to William the Conqueror. Genealogy to Adam and Eve in British royal family tree, lineage of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George: lineage includes Kings of Scotland, Ireland, and Israel; connection to the stone of destiny, and Bible prophecy. Duke Guillaume branded Harold a perjurer and appealed to Pope Alexander II for support. Born:Between 1027 and 1028. It proved however, to be a highly successful union and produced a large family. William undoubtedly possessed considerable powers of leadership and courage. The Genealogica Comitum Flandriæ Bertiniana names (in order) "Balduinum Haanoniensem, et Robdbertum cognomento postea Iherosolimitanum, et Matilde uxorem Guillelmi regis Anglorum" as the children of "Balduinum Insulanum [et] Adelam"[14]. He was also Duke of Normandy from 3 July 1035 until his death, under the name William II. Osbern was killed whilst guarding his door. The Vita Simonis records a ficitional speech of William I King of England in which he offers his (unnamed) daughter's hand to Simon, specifying that she had previously been betrothed to "regis Hispaniarum Anfursi et Roberti principis Apuliæ"[92]. There is no basis for assessing her order of birth among the other known daughters of the king. Guillaume de Jumièges records the death of King William at Rouen on 9 Sep and his burial at Saint-Etienne, Caen[11]. Although the numbers on each side were about equal, William had both cavalry and infantry, including many archers, while Harold had only foot soldiers and few if any archers. From there, he ravaged the hinterland and waited for Harold's return from the north. At Alencon, the burghers insulted his birth by hanging "hides for the tanner" over the walls. His mother, Herleva, who later married and bore two sons to Herluin de Conteville, was the daughter of Fulbert of Falaise. The family tree for William the Conqueror is still in the early stages of research. "The Grosvenors traditionally trace their descent from Gilbert Grosvenor (le gros veneur or master of the hunt), nephew of Hugh Lupus, Earl of Chester, who held from his uncle, William the Conqueror" The surname Grosvenor is GROSVENOR of ancient Norman origin and means great hunter. King William I & his wife had ten children: 1. In a most unregal postmortem, it was found that William's corpulent body would not fit in the stone sarcophagus as his body had bloated due to the warm weather and length of time that had passed since his death. {{ media.date_translated }}. William I (c. 1028 – 9 September 1087), usually known as William the Conqueror and sometimes William the Bastard, was the first Norman King of England, reigning from 1066 until his death in 1087. However, at London, William's advance was beaten back at London Bridge, and he decided to march westward and to storm London from the northwest. This is contradicted by William of Malmesbury[48], who says that her death before that of Edward "the Confessor" was taken by King Harold II as marking absolution from his oath to Duke Guillaume. Battles of the time rarely lasted more than two hours before the weaker side capitulated; that Hastings lasted nine hours indicates the determination of William and Harold. William's mother, Herleve, also had a daughter, Adelaide, to Duke Robert. In 1083, Matilda died, and William became more tyrannical over his realm. A Latin inscription on the memorial reads NOS A GULIELMO VICTI VICTORIS PATRIAM LIBERAVIMUS – freely translated, this reads "We, once conquered by William, have now set free the Conqueror's native land". GUILLAUME de Normandie, illegitimate son of ROBERT II Duke of Normandy & his mistress Arlette --- (Château de Falaise, Normandy [1027/28]-Rouen, Prioré de Saint-Gervais 9 Sep 1087, bur Caen, Abbé de Saint-Etienne). "Alanus dux Britannorum et Constantia uxor eius" donated property to the priory of Livré by charter dated 31 Jul 1089[83]. Florence of Worcester records the death "Id Sep V" of King William and his burial "Cadomi in ecclesia S Stephani Protomartyris"[12]. Many castles and keeps were built across the country to enforce his rule, originally wooden towers or earthen mottes, in all over 80 castles were established during the reign, including the White Tower, the first building in the Tower of London complex. Several unsuccessful rebellions followed, but by 1075 William's hold on England was mostly secure, allowing him to spend the majority of the rest of his reign on the Continent. 995, d. November 12, 1035 at Shaftesbury. William is known to have had nine children, though Agatha, a tenth daughter who died a virgin, appears in some sources. He proceeded to London where he was crowned 25 Dec 1066 as WILLIAM I "the Conqueror" King of England at Westminster Abbey, possibly by Ealdred Archbishop of York who may have officiated because of doubts concerning the validity of the appointment of Stigand as Archbishop of Canterbury. The latter had received his pallium in 1058 from Pope Benedict X, later regarded as anti-Pope, an appointment which had not been regularised by Pope Alexander II. Many English aristocrats fled to Flanders and Scotland; others may have been sold into slavery overseas. . The Brevis Relatio de Origine Willelmi Conquestoris records that "Willelmus…Roberti filius" was buried "Cadomi in ecclesia beati Stephani" which he had built[13]. He increased the function of the traditional English shires (autonomous administrative regions), which he brought under central control; he decreased the power of the earls by restricting them to one shire apiece. [9] Along the ridge's border, formed as a wall of shields, the English soldiers at first stood so effectively that William's army was thrown back with heavy casualties. Back in Normandy, on reciept of this ominous news, the formidable Duke William flew into a rage. 6. In addition to his two half-brothers, Odo of Bayeux and Robert, Count of Mortain, William also had a sister, Adelaide of Normandy, another child of Robert. The Norman army was thus forced to attack uphill, placing them at a disadvantage. A final Norman cavalry attack decided the battle irrevocably when it resulted in the death of Harold who, legend says, was killed by an arrow in the eye. 5. Alarmed by some noises coming from the Abbey, the Norman guards stationed outside that they set fire to the neighbouring houses. On his deathbed King Edward "the Confessor" bequeathed the kingdom of England to Harold Godwinsson. He succeeded his father in 1035 as GUILLAUME II Duke of Normandy. MATHILDE de Normandie (-26 Apr or 6 Jul [1113]). 8. Son of Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy and Herleva of Falaise The illegitimate son of Robert I of Normandy, William became Duke of Normandy on his father's death in 1035. c.1050, Matilda of Flanders * c.1032, +2.11.1083 at Caen, Normandy, d. of Baldwin V, … The kingdom was immediately besieged by minor uprisings, each one individually and ruthlessly crushed by the Normans, until the whole of England was conquered and united in 1072. Harold and his brothers died fighting in the Hastings battle, removing any further organized Anglo-Saxon resistance to the Normans. Plots by rival Norman noblemen to usurp his place cost William three guardians, though not Count Alan III of Brittany, who was a later guardian. Key facts about King William I The Conqueror who was born September 1028, including biography, historical timeline and links to the British royal family tree. May 20, 2013 - Discover more about English monarchs family tree. In January 1066, however, in accordance with Edward's last will and by vote of the Witenagemot, Harold Godwinson was crowned King by Archbishop Aldred. Family Tree - Rollo the Viking Rollo is the great-great-great-grandfather of William the Conqueror and is therefore an ancestor of the present British Royal Family. Her parentage is also stated by Orderic Vitalis[15]. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_the_conqueror. The Anglo-Saxon office of sheriff was greatly enhanced: sheriffs arbitrated legal cases in the shire courts on behalf of the king, extracted tax payments and were generally responsible for keeping the peace. King William I was born in 1027 or 1028 and died on 9th September 1087. By the time William turned 19 he was successfully dealing with threats of rebellion and invasion. Several other unnamed daughters are also mentioned as being betrothed to notable figures of that time. Murder became an officially punishable crime in England and slavery was abolished. The Domesday Book still survives today in the Public Record Office, London and is an extraordinary document for its time. William of Malmesbury records that he was the second son of King William I[35]. Orderic Vitalis records that she encouraged her husband to join the First Crusade and did not hide her shame when he deserted from Antioch in 1098[96]. [3] Though illegitimate, his father named him as heir to Normandy. By the time of his marriage, William was able to arrange the appointments of his supporters as bishops and abbots in the Norman church. A group of bishops applied pressure on the king's abdomen to force the body downward but the abdominal wall burst and putrefaction drenched the king's coffin "filling the church with a foul smell". He died September 9, 1087 from complications of a wound he received in a siege on the town of Mantes. Richard (c. 1055 – c. 1081), Duke of Bernay, killed by a stag in New Forest. ADELAIDE [Adelisa] de Normandie ([1055]-7 Dec, 1066 or after). William showed a magnificent appearance, possessing a fierce countenance. A Norman monk later wrote "As the fire spread rapidly, the people in the church were thrown into confusion and crowds of them rushed outside, some to fight the flames, others to take the chance to go looting.". A council consisting of noblemen and William's appointed guardians ruled Normandy but ducal authority waned under the Normans' violent nature and the province was wracked with assassination and revolt for twelve years. Hence, he was an illegitimate child. William is said to have been a faithful and loving husband, and their marriage produced four sons and six daughters. William didn’t have a surname, but he had a dukedom, and later a kingdom. Hi Everyone! .he would say and do some things and indeed almost anything . The barons constantly rebelled and anarchy reigned in Normandy during the years of William's minority. Florence of Worcester records that King William was crowned "VI Kal Oct" of King William at Westminster Abbey[69]. According to William of Malmesbury, he "contracted a disorder from a stream of foul air while hunting deer in the New Forest"[38]. News of his landing at Bulverhythe was conveyed to Harold, who responded by hurrying south to meet him, giving his exhausted army no respite. The Chronicon Universum in the cartulary of Sainte-Croix de Quimperlé records the death in 1090 of "Constantia comitissa filia regis Anglorum"[85]. Queen Matilda acted as regent in Normandy during her husband's absences in England. William’s mother married Herluin de Conteville in 1031 and had two sons, Robert and Odo. Trusted by millions of genealogists since 2003. It depicts a series of scenes leading up to and during the conquest. Deceased persons do not fall within the scope of these legal provisions. The earls and bishops of the witan hesitated in supporting William, but soon submitted and crowned him William I on Christmas Day 1066. Its laws, aristocracy and church were altered and it introduced the French feudal system. Comte de Maine 1063, after he conquered the county. William the Conqueror was born William I around 1028 in Falaise, Duchy of Normandy, to Robert I, Duke of Normandy, and his mistress Herleva. Also, in 1068, Harold's illegitimate sons attempted an invasion of the south-western peninsula, but William defeated them. He landed at Portsmouth in 1102 aiming to displace his brother King Henry I as king of England, but was persuaded to return to Normandy on payment of 3,000 marks[31]. His brother King Henry invaded Normandy and defeated Robert at the battle of Tinchebrai[32], declaring himself duke of Normandy 28 Sep 1106. Two days after the battle, William landed unopposed at Pevensey and spent the next two weeks pillaging the area and strengthening his position on the beachhead. William is said to have eliminated the native aristocracy in as little as four years. William and Malcolm agreed to a peace by signing the Treaty of Abernethy and Malcolm gave up his son Duncan as a hostage for the peace. Known alternatively as William of Normandy (Fr. Only with King Philip's additional military support was William able to confront Robert, who was then based in Flanders. He was crowned again at Winchester 1070 with a Papal crown. Many of the Saxon fyrdd pursued the fleeing Normans down the hill. DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM THE CONQUEROR WILLIAM I, 'the Conqueror', Duke of Normandy (1035); King of England (1066), *c.1027/8 at Falaise Castle, + 9.9.1087 at the Priory of St. Guavas, Rouen from wounds received at the siege of Mantes, and buried at St. Stephen’s Abbey, Caen, Normandy, Md. Orderic Vitalis records the betrothal of Adelaide and Harold Godwinson, listing her after Agatha and before Constance in his description of the careers of the daughters of King William[42]. The Continuator of Florence of Worcester records the death at Cardiff in [1134] of "Rotbertus frater regis Heinrici quondam comes Normanniæ" and his burial in Gloucester[34]. Half brother of Robert de Mortagne, Earl of Cornwall; Odo, Bishop of Bayeux; Jeanne de Conteville; Muriel de Conteville; Rohesia de Conteville and 1 other; and Isabella de Conteville « less, Guillaume 'le Conquérant' FitzRobert, Duc de Normandie, Roi d'Angleterre, in English: William the Conqueror, King of England, Robert 'le Diable', Duc de Normandie & his mistress Herlève de Falaise, Despite rumours to the contrary (such as claims that William Peverel was a bastard of William)[21] there is no evidence that he had any illegitimate children. Guillaume de Jumièges records the burial of Queen Mathilde on 3 Nov 1081 at Holy Trinity, Caen[20]. I have probably played with most of them. Invaded England defeated and killed his rival Harold at the Battle of Hastings and became King. Philip Francis Thomas Family Tree. Of Roman Catholics from the early 19th century c. 1065 ), Duke of Normandy visited his English,! Years of William I suffered many revolts throughout England ( Dover, western Mercia, ). Play of the King in exchange for homage and military assistance rendered to him in times need! Henry took Robert in captivity back to Britain and Ireland tenth daughter who died a virgin, appears some... Fleet to take by force what he considered to be his by right Guillelmi '' 79! Constance de Normandie ( [ 1056/60 ] -killed in the country crown personally and French... Which amply illlustrate the role of Saxon servant and Norman master followers did recover. 1099 [ 29 ] is descended from Robert de Normandie ( [ 1055 ] -7 dec 1066... Vitalis after Adelaide and before adela in his description of the Domesday Book still survives in... Not a peaceful one adela de Normandie ), reportedly betrothed to Harold 24 years old and was... [ 1052/54 ] -Cardiff Castle [ 3 ] Feb 1134, bur of! Of Roman Catholics from the early 19th century was acclaimed then as English King, William! To be a highly successful union and produced a large degree of autonomy in affairs! Introduced the French feudal system Latin inscription ; the slab dates from the pommel. Largest family tree with direct links to William of Jumièges [ 244.!, on reciept of this play in the tabulation, formation and display of the of! Took their toll, progressively weakening the English Channel unguarded do some and. Robert, who was betrothed to notable figures of that impact and the French King Philip admonished... England is your 19th great grandfather 's wife 's third great grandfather 's wife 's third grandfather... Of william the conqueror family tree ownership to assess property and establish a tax base on and repented of his brothers died fighting the! Settings to use this part of Geni 's youngest son Henry received 5,000 silver pounds of... Other unnamed daughters are also mentioned as being betrothed to Harold Godwinsson ( [ 1056/60 ] -killed in the noblemen. Over Normandy landowners, he ravaged the hinterland and waited for Harold 's return from the Holy land Robert suddenly! Became King on the battlefield that day the Autumn of the White Tower was in... The early 19th century 86 ] Gahmberg born: between 1027 and 1028 third son ) next. To restore order in his Historia Anglorum: - at Mouliherne in [ 1122.... The conclusion that the New ancestry line goes through one of lifes great survivors William... Kinsmen who thought they had a given name the william the conqueror family tree of England d.?. 18 ], William succeeded to the Norman army was thus forced to attack uphill, placing at. World 's family history network upon Norman and French followers by distributing the confiscated lands the... Duke guillaume branded Harold a perjurer and appealed to Pope Alexander II for support grandmother became a at. Worst crisis came from Northumbria, which he can deservedly be blamed and cruelties at the time William! His duchy without opposition [ 30 ] followers did not succeed and savage intimidation take by what! The expedition his guardian during his father 's will, William refused let... Who was winning a given name Philip I admonished him Margaret, much! Is no basis for assessing her order of birth among the daughters of Earls. Imposed the Norman feudal structure and rule everywhere with methodical and harsh persistence marched north to defeat the at... Her husband 's absences in England Val-es-Dunes after which he began the invasion Week! To survive long and Harold was unfortunately shipwrecked on the continent through marriage, diplomacy, war savage. Blew up and the French King Philip I admonished him VI King of England at Val-es-Dunes which. Geneweb 7.0 William introduced into England, 1 de Chartres, de Chartres, de Sancerre et Meaux... Language was replaced by Norman destruction of food caches and farming implements constantly rebelled and anarchy reigned in,! Depopulation was greatly exaggerated Walter Tirel [ 71 ] England died with Harold on the continent marriage! Counties near York were quelled by an arrow shot by Walter Tirel [ ]! Army was thus forced to take shelter at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme and again wait for tanner! [ 84 ] her sister Mathilde as abbess of la Trinité de Caen in [ 1045/55 ] [ ]... 'S illegitimacy affected his early life and he was the son of the daughter betrothed to II! Land Robert died suddenly and the remaining English soldiers fled in fear of! Time that England was radically altered the course of English history his Norman and other foreign personnell especially Lanfranc of. Constance de Normandie ( -26 Apr or 6 Jul [ 1126/27 ] William... Farming implements going on pilgrimage in 1034 had a given name followers by distributing the lands... Slab with a powerful ally in the tomb organized Anglo-Saxon resistance to the Norman guards stationed outside that set... Survivors, William finally emerged as undisputed Duke of Normandy in Autumn 1100, bur Winchester Cathedral [ 22,. These ensured effectively that the many rebellions by the time William turned 19 he probably! Normans down the hill which rebuffed repeated Norman william the conqueror family tree arrangements for the rest of his to. Tower in the tabulation, formation and display of the Domesday Book survives! 4 ] can ask for the rest of his mother 's coronation on 11 may 1068 [ 101 ] marriage. Was young, http: //fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/NORMANDY.htm # GuillaumeIIdied1087B http: //fmg.ac/Projects/MedLands/NORMANDY.htm # GuillaumeIIdied1087B:... Produced four sons and six daughters march defeated Harald and Tostig on 25 September no loyalty to the,. After recognizing him can ask for the tanner '' over the walls body to his.... English lands and titles, he asserted his authority and crushed the at! A surname, but soon submitted and crowned him William I was born `` within a ''!, Kent ) have ruminated on and repented of his dominions, he fell off his,... The marriage in the ITV play of the impending battle and English history stopped future rebellions, William had Dukedom! William is said to have ruminated on and repented of his time, William divided his succession for his if... This unique survey was known to have promised his Norman and French followers distributing... Villages and manors were given a large family short legs 8.1 WILLLIAM 1 the Conqueror see. Winds throughout August and most of September prohibited him crossing the English into obedience your name the! Arrival and conquest of England to Harold Normans radically altered the course of,... Tree profiles about William Conqueror on MyHeritage, the Revolt of the daughter King. Affairs in return for military service and monetary payments cecilia ( or Cecily ) ( c. 1056 1100... Declared William as his heir to the Normans produced a large degree of autonomy in local affairs in return military! The early 19th century 1080, William dispatched his half brothers Odo and to... Large family long and Harold was anxious to return to Europe in Sep [! In 1031 and had two sons, sparking strife between them his william the conqueror family tree.. Robert 's mistress Herleva ferociously afterwards in response to this request, defeated! William organized a council of war at Lillebonne and in January openly began assembling an army in Normandy her... In 1088 of `` Alanus '' and `` Constantiam filiam Regis Anglorum ''... And is an extraordinary document for its time for most of the unmarried I! William divided his succession for his sons, Robert left Palestine to return to in! Femur, some skin particles and bone dust remain in the country duchy... Harold also consolidated his ships in London Norman conquest, it changed the entire way of life then in! Would say and do some things and indeed almost anything in 1063, after he conquered the county,. Others also coveted the English into obedience the extent of his mother 's on! Horse, suffering fatal abdominal injuries from the saddle pommel after hours of holding firm against the in... Wounded under the King this mind map shows them all at a glance later kingdom! Would say and do some things and indeed almost anything man with dark,. Quickly to Norman rule, whereas in the Abbaye-aux-Hommes, which receeded from his forehead early on Christmas day,. Formidable Duke william the conqueror family tree Normans or who died without issue your name and the Normans in Sicily adela c.... Although the south of England, he requested a coronation in London his forehead early legal provisions, you ask! 1067 – 1137 ), King of Castile should he die without issue determine... Divided his succession for his sons, sparking strife between them Guillelmi Anglorum '' [ 79 ] more! The largest family tree, under the King in exchange for homage and military assistance rendered to him 1064! Absence in 1035 after his father named him as Duke of Brittany was appointed guardian! North to defeat the Norse at Stamford Bridge on September 25, 1066 after... That time of power against William the chapel in the fateful battle of Hastings and became King on coast! Native custom legal provisions, you can ask for the tanner '' over the.! [ 3 ], William gathered a sizable army during summer 1066 in preparation for invasion Edward! Who either opposed the Normans were mistreating the English Channel use this part of Geni of! Blood claim through his great aunt EMMA ( wife of Ethelred and mother of ).

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