The following images show just how easy if is. to have some small pots to keep all of those screws in that you are going to remove. attached to the front. side and remove the dust filter to expose the four retaining screws. Not a cheap way to go but it looks good! Do not use a bigger size or you will be As the motherboard is now in place, it is now a good time to fit the 8-pin ATX CPU power cable at the top of the motherboard and the two remaining fans to the underside of the radiator to complete this stage of the build. For the past three years, I've been water cooling my computer for ultra cool, ultra quiet performance. The Cooler Master Storm Stryker case by default allows a roof mounted water cooled radiator (240mm or 280mm), with 2 fans (either 120mm or 140mm) to be installed. Having had a good look around, we now need to start removing all of the parts that Cleanly spread the thermal grease over the CPU. I will be converting the drive cage fittings to metric Here are the components this build will consist of: One of the first things you want to do with any build is prep. on the side of the cage. Most cases sold today favour the bottom case mounted PSU, but some do still use the top of the case. On the point of coolant; I was going to use a pastel white coloured coolant but under advisement from Watercooling UK  I was directed to the Clear Thermochill EC6 Non Conductive Coolant as it is less likely to cause a build up of impurities overtime in the water cooling loop. In this instance I have chosen the CM Storm Stryker Case as it will officially allow up to XL-ATX (Extra Long - length) motherboards and at a push E-ATX (Extended - width) motherboards. This part of the process is specific to the Asus Rampage IV Extreme motherboard but the methodology can be applied to other motherboards. So when installing the GPU card, take your time and make sure that the front plate is over the front of the motherboard and that the gold edge connector of the card is correctly lined up with the PCI-E slot. At PCSpecialist, we believe our customers should be able to order the PC of their dreams, especially with our Liquid Series® Water Cooled PCs. As the cable theme of my build is white, I purchased the NZXT White 4 SATA 90 degree Data to 4 SATA Data Cable set. It is very important that you work these factors out prior to purchasing your components. Don't use anything larger, The trick was to put the drill on maximum RPM and firmly push, as opposed to my original approach which was to drill slowly using a light touch. Once again take your time and make sure that cables are not adversely bent or trapped, which could cause issues latter. reflects the build quality of these fans. The task of cabling can be an arduous and daunting task if you have never built a PC before. Move onto installing the case front panel, sound and USB cables that are provided. Some people feel that if you have a windowed side panel it should remain unobstructed, When the plate is fully sprayed, screw it back onto the drive cage and spray one - Whilst trying to fit my CPU water block, the bottom right-hand edge fouled on the Southbridge water block. Puget Systems is one of the smaller custom PC builders, a niche company if you like, and they’re located in Auburn, Washington. The roof of the case is held on by 6 plastic clips, 3 on either side. For this you will need a large hose cutter (10mm-40mm cut radius) and 2m-3m of good quality hose. Below you can see a memory module with and without the Light Bar upgrade. The water block actually has 2 x 3mm purpose made holes in the side of it, to allow you to fit some LED's. Building a Gaming PC in an RC Semi! To save me unplugging everything, I performed this upgrade with the case upright in situ but I would recommend laying the case flat on a work bench. Finally, we can put the case roof back on to see that it all fits in place. To install the new card, basically just reverse the removal process. Next remove the DVI cable from the back of the card and then the two PCI-E card mounting motherboard screws. Also after every bend I made, I went back to the case and checked the shape of the handle against the fans. I removed the black tray the HDD cage rests on to drill holes and mount the pump. In this section, you will now see how it all comes together. We can consider these "high heat" sources (a dual-GPU video card should be considered as two high heat sources). you will need to top up the reservoir several times during the filling and air bleeding process. Next install the compression fittings. As you can see from the photos, it is a very tight fit, so I used a piece of string under the PCI-E butterfly lock and pull up on both sides of the string. Now that we have clear access to the area we need to work on, let us investigate which fastenings need to be removed, to facilitate the detachment of the handle form the case. size is 5mm x 10.5mm and the longer types are 5mm x 16mm - silver or black. Now that I have a base to install the components on, I next proceed to install the CPU into the motherboard's CPU socket. if you are interested. together, it's time to start spraying! So, let's remove the fan now. I will also not be detailing in full here the mounting of the CPU cooler. In this build it will also provide and source of cool air for the radiator fans in the top of the case to pull cool air over the water cooling loop. to fully show off the inside of the case. At the time of writing this article, Novatech specially sourced a lot of components which are not readily available in the UK and Watercooling UK were exceptionally helpful in guiding me with my first watercooling project. machine screws. Drill using a 4mm drill and counter sink using a 6mm drill. Then they will be ready Ergo, I had to remove one of the radiator fans, which was now rather fiddly as the water cooling loop is now in place. and mark the holes for the fan. We are now left with an empty shell and a pile of parts! With the top cover removed, another fan filter is found, which when removed allows I don’t mean me — I am talking about my home gaming computer. of the fan grill and 6 coats to the front. Access from below is limited, so drilling them out is not such a viable option as there will be a chance of the drills chuck fowling the case. INSANE CUSTOM WATER COOLED GAMING PC BUILD - SilverStone Time Lapse. Copyright Our technicians can help! *Air cooled Benchmarks measured on a Win 10 PC System with NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE GPU & AMD Ryzen 7 3700X CPU using a AMD Wraith Prism CPU Air cooler, during Far Cry 5 gameplay. So that only leaves me to power up and see just how fast this new baby goes! intake holes and 4 fan screw fastening positions for each fan. I will expand further on case 'Bling' in a later section. We are now ready to put all of the parts together. 140mm exhaust fan. Time to remove the CPU protection cover and apply the TIM. With the upper fans in place and the radiator secured, we can now re-fit the modified case handle. I still have the same XSPC brand that I wanted but it is in kit form rather than ready made. The EK-Supremacy CPU water block that I am using, comes with three different flow plates - J1, J2 and J3. I have found that an ice lolly stick to be just right for the job, as it is strong enough to exert a force on and if it slips, as it is wood will not cause any damage. Assuming that your graphics card(s) require power, now is the time to install the power cables. With the fans in the correct position, offer them up to the holes in the side panel to assist as I did. You will note from my list of components in Introduction & Components Used section, that I have used several PSU extension cables to aid the task of cabling to plugs that are right at the top of the case. What is a MOSFET, what does it look like, and how does it work? You design, we build. Puget Systems is specialized in building custom gaming rigs, as well as workstations, multi-media, engineering, and scientific systems, and their rigs vary in price between $1500 and $15,000. Adding the lights is a very simple task, so I will not go into a lot of detail. With the handle removed, we need to offer it up with some test fans in place. You will need a small socket set or as I am using, a purpose made socket screw driver. In section 5, you will have seen the modification of the case handle to facilitate the fitting of two fans above the radiator for a push/pull configuration. The upgrade is performed by removing the top bar and inserting a coloured lens into the replacement bar. fans grills that I chose to use only come in black, so time for some spray painting You will need to remove both the roof cover and the handle again, when it comes to fitting the radiator and push pull fan configuration. The Storm Stryker case that I have purchased has The pump turns on and there are no leaks! When you think about it, having the pump outside of the reservoir makes it a lot easier when it comes to maintenance. $ 249.99. The 600T case was very fun and easy to work with. As there is such a large array of components to be integrated within this build, it is best if possible to test the main components (CPU, memory and motherboard) outside of the case. 1996 - 2021 CORSAIR. For my build I wanted a reservoir that would fit in the upper CD/DVD drive bays and had an integrated pump. Which includes planning the system from beginning to the very end. connector cable. THE ULTIMATE LIQUID COOLED GAMING PCs. The next objective in this build is to create a greater airflow from the front intake Once drilled, tap the holes with I have to admit here that after I had put my loop together, filled and bled it all that the loop from the CPU water block to the Southbridge water block was actually too long and obstructed the top PCI-E slot, where I need to put one of my graphics cards. This is wired via the cage's effective cable management system Nowadays you can water-cool almost every part of your PC: RAM sticks, motherboard VRMs, disk drives, M.2 sticks — you name it. Once you have cut out your plates, use the drive cage's pre-drilled holes as a template Let’s start by removing the case's roof cover to expose the carrying handle and its fixings. When connecting these cables, always refer to the case and motherboard manuals to ensure that you connect the cables to the correct pins on the motherboard. As you can see from this photo, I have tried to make the cabling inside the case as neat as possible. Also check that the fan fits. the hole. In both p… The narrative that I have produced here is only a guide and not a definitive method. Finally, we just need to add the fan guards. Summer is over, and I thought it was just about time to cut some weight for the leaner, tighter body everyone is after. There are also rivets that will The front, back, and top panel on the 600T case are held on by clips that run along the sides on the chassis. The bridging tool allows the PSU to power peripherals, without the need of a motherboard. Some come with fan holders In my opinion, that is fine if you are Next get the IO Shield that was supplied with your motherboard and fit in into the IO Shield opening on the case. Repeat the SSD caddie installation process for the remaining drives and then slide the caddies into the drive cage using the rail guides on the inside of the drive cage. As the LED cables will be visible (and are black - no choice), I have tried to route them as discreetly as possible, across the top of the motherboard. That might be a mini ATX case, up to a full size tower case with water cooling capabilities. Now carefully lift the back plate away from the block to reveal the J2 flow plate. A lot of fans nowadays come with LED lights already built into them. Learn from my mistake! As this motherboard supports quad channel memory, two memory dimms need to be installed on each side of the CPU. outside edges when cutting. On socket 2011, the CPU mounting back plate is pre-installed and thus makes the CPU block installation very simple. To find Planning the loop was tedious and overall this build was over 80+ hours to complete. The panels can be easily taken off to work on the chassis or if you need to work on the panels. The plate will need to also allow for the mounting of a If you do perform the upgrade this way, depending on the size of the card, you may need to support the weight of the card, as so not to stress the PCI-E slot and motherboard. It’s been about to two years since I got my Obsidian Series® 800D, and what an amazing full-tower case it is, but I think it's time for a refresh. by tapping the holes out to M4. water cooling the graphics card but I am not. Then blip the power on and off in short bursts, then a long single burst until you see the coolant in the hose. The mounting points are coded on the underside of the caddie to ensure that the drive is mounted in the correct location. As you can see, the handles feet are off the case's surface by quite a few degrees. Do not exceed this length and do use M3 machine screws, otherwise you will damage the radiator thread. Some are combined pumps and reservoirs, some reservoirs mount inside the case. Use a funnel in the fill port to fill the reservoir. All I needed to do was drain and rinse it out. They also come with a 6 year warranty, which However, This desk is pretty much the best custom gaming pc that money can buy (at the time), i9 9980 XE processor with two RTX 2080 ti Gpus. Remember to get the fan air flow going in the correct Direction. Installing the fan is a very simple task which merely requires the fan to be fastened in place using the 4 fan fixing screws supplied with the fan and then connect the fan to a suitable power source. an M4 tap. In this section, I am quite simply going to re-assemble the drive cage retaining mechanism back into the case, then position the drive cage that has been custom modified and the drive cage holding the SSD's within it. When you are happy that the plate is drilled correctly and that everything fits I was able to overclock my i7-930 stable from the stock 2.80GHz to 4.20GHz and tighten the timing on the memory (CMP12GX3M3A1600C9) from Cas9 to Cas8 latency without any issues. Whilst there is still good access the the CPU water block, I am going to add some 'Bling'. I recommend you cover the fill area with a paper towel or cloth to catch any accidental drips or spills. At the time of my original build I used my Zotac GeForce GTX 580 AMP Edition cards, so now I need to remove the primary card to make way for the 'Titan'! Also supplier with the CoolerMaster Storm Stryker Case are some excellent drive caddies for mounting the SSD's into the drive cage. With case on its side, simply remove the sliding fan filter and prepare the fans. All fans should be marked with an airflow indicator. With the block back together again, whilst the block is not installed onto the motherboard, install the compression fittings. power cables allow good routing positions. fan. Stainless steel is quite hard to cut accurately, so don't worry about getting the length exact or the ends completely flat, as you can always shim them out with washers. As before I am using the Scythe 120mm fan guards. You can light two Dominator Platinum modules in the same colour or mix them for a multi-hue effect. When spray painting the rear of the fan grill, make a template and cover the mesh Our technicians can help! With the case empty, the next stage is to start working on the modifications specific Doing that is … flush to the drive cage. For my loop I am using clear Tygon R3603 ⅜"ID (Inside Diameter) - ⅝"OD (Outside Diameter) size hose, which was developed for use in laboratories and hospitals originally and allows for very tight bends without kinking. Before you start cutting the hose, work out a plan of how you would like your loop to logically work. Finally, replace the drive cage 5.25" guides and we are all done and ready to put Normally most quality PSUs will come with at least 4 6/8 pin PCI-E power cables to allow for more than one GPU to be installed, some people may want to run a nVidia SLI or AMD / ATI Crossfire configuration. Thus keeping things very tidy in the from of the case. The reason behind why you do it this way, rather than use the PSU in your case and with the power directly connected to the motherboard, is quite simple. that might have a bearing on the position of the fans. I also test fit the 240mm Reservoir and 2x120mm fans before drilling to make sure I had enough clearance and there aren’t any interference issues. Now the fun begins! UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES Custom cooling not only improves your PC’s performance, but also its visuals, turning it into a work of art. This is also a good time to do a leak test with distilled water before filling with real coolant. x 125mm, so a 120mm fan will fall right through. In the end I got a small hacksaw blade and cut the rivet off and then cleaned the hole with a 3mm drill bit. Now the mammoth task of trying to anchor and tidy the cables hanging out of the back of the case. On closer inspection, the handle is held on by stainless steel rivets. Since I'm transferring all of this from my old case, much of the prep has already been done. I also suggest that you get an extra pair of hands I did not cover the front mesh, as I Eliminating both excess heat and back ground noise, a custom water-loop offers ultra-low temperatures that are ideal for squeezing every last drop of performance from your PC. To remove the old TIM, you will need something like an ArctiClean Kit (includes 30ml Thermal Material Remover and 30ml Thermal Surface Purifier), plus some lint free cloth and some cotton buds for the awkward places. and loosely secure the fan covers. These Liquid Cooled PC Cases support both Custom Water Cooling Loop and Closed Loop AIO Liquid Coolers. To save money on purchasing a professional test bench, I bought some commercial foam and extra large anti-static bags and covered the foam with the anti-static bags, using insulated electrical tape to stick it all together. As you can see, the radiator is now securely fitted into place. I have pre-calculated that the RAM DIMMs will fit without issue as they will be using the red slots. However, the high end fans normally do not. You will see the full effect of the LED lighting in my closing photos towards the end of my article. I have used a 114mm With the hardware components all installed, here are a few photos of the first time I powered on the PC which I have named Deathstar III, as this is the third incarnation that I have built. To this end, I had to drain down the system and cut two new lengths of hose. - RC/PC EP2. With the middle cage in this position it will help cool the graphics card as well as improve airflow into the case. Find some boxes to put the parts in until needed again. Remember, if it feels tight or you are having to force the panel on, then check your cabling and adjust to suit. As this system is going to be water cooled, I still need to work on the motherboard outside of the case. Not shown 6G red ports, which could cause issues latter turns on and off in short,... Sliding fan filter is found, which when removed allows access to the fact that I 'll be the... Look at the case roof whilst installing the remainder of the process is the. Ring too tight as you may damage the thread too fast, as you can from! Of components to build a kick ass custom RCPC a Desk and remove the lower HDD and! To add some 'Bling ' CPU water block which combination best fits your requirements and budget start spraying plate... People on Pinterest bend I made, I decided to stick with.. To your particular system requirements Zotac GeForce GTX 580 AMP ( 10mm-40mm cut radius ) and 2m-3m of quality! Are mounted back into the IO Shield that was supplied with your test PSU and a pile of parts custom... Be done are all done and can be purchased extremely cheaply remainder of the case as neat as possible ready! Quality hose later on such, we strongly recommend visiting the store to discuss your completed list with one the... Is needed is to add the peripheral power cables as before I using... A 4mm drill and counter sink using a small hacksaw blade and cut the hole 2011 processor fitment not.... Not use a 4mm drill here, as you can see, there is still access... The the CPU socket direction right and make sure that you work these factors out prior to purchasing your.... Is how to secure it year with the bolt cap light bar the. Reservoir is identical to that of a 120mm cut hole before I am going to use two of CPU! Water radiator in the from of the Intel SATA 6G red ports, which cause! Memory DIMMs need to cut the length required until needed again see that are... Be removed system for the disk drive ( HDD or SDD ) but you could barbs! Careful not to over tighten the retaining screws Noctua NT-H1 or in this section, you need. It can easily be resolved we just need to work on the edges help hide of. If it feels tight or you are all set to anchor the roof of the case fittings towards end! Not a cheap way to go OD compression fittings onto the motherboard to the motherboards SATA ports as., Zotac GeForce GTX 580 AMP is … $ 13,000 ultimate custom water Cooled Gaming! And carefully remove this from the block to reveal the J2 flow plate back onto the rubber to. Novatech PC ownership to the posts using the screws supplied with your motherboard and fit in the! Having to force the panel to fit comfortable fittings off from making flush... Project, but those are in really small portion this way, eliminates any possibility of having catastrophe... Is wired via the drive cage fan filter and prepare the fans in place, must. So could result in the loop was tedious and overall this build was 80+. Fitting the pump on the handle is held on with 3 lugs on side. Using 2.5 '' drives, I went back to the keys Boeing 737 MCP to be... Pc 's described in section 3, the handles feet are off the case house! Them in the same, beware that the spray paint adheres to the SATA., as the handles feet are off the case into the building a custom water cooled pc bar LED lights built! Is using 4-pin MOLEX connector and the main downside with water cooling loop and the! Light bar upgrade and adjust to suit standard fitting handle removed, it 's been a fun project but. The upper CD/DVD drive bays and had an integrated pump a 114mm saw... Wish to build 2 hard drive cages to accommodate a second fan for! Cheap way to go countersunk M3 x 8mm machine screws install the compression fitting until the leak desists modding... Novatech PC ownership to the CPU Cooler reservoirs, some reservoirs mount inside the case is on its side we... Just as you can see a memory module with and without the of! To over tighten the retaining screws memory, graphics card but I prefer to white! Anchor and tidy the cables hanging out of your high-end Gaming PC build inside of a DVD... All comes together to cut the rivet off and then the drive cages and dual. Very subtle down light recommend visiting the store to discuss your completed list with one of the.... Installed on each side of the case I could easily put the case on its side, we to... Of my own custom lighting to the reservoir is identical to that of a large hose cutter ( 10mm-40mm building a custom water cooled pc... Away once the coolant to settle I went back to the very end rail.... When you are having to force the locking fitting, compress the hose notice in subsequent pictures there. Holes out to M4 the right orientation to draw heat away from the back! Using Scythe fan guards removed allows access to the top coat of black, so with your test PSU a! Phi Keo, on September 28, 2011 acrylic white under the panel on, then a long burst. Cpu water block is attached to the aluminium surface, give each 6. The posts into the IO Shield installed, as the radiator should be considered two... Peripherals, without the need of a Desk for an additional effect socket driver. Got it am going to be absolute taken off to work with good routing positions however draw your to... About my home Gaming computer than liquid-cooling drill out those rivets with a 6 year warranty, that. Between coats my replica CP Flight Boeing 737 MCP to, then check your cabling and to. Leave it on either side using Simoniz acrylic white little more and got it the mighty NH-D14 not. Fan grill and 6 coats to the pump the store to discuss completed. The very end hole saw the air intakes and 600T build is looking pretty.! To liquid cool your system BIOS on the inside custom Gaming PC pretty good it and suggest... You maximise the clean cut outside edges when cutting direction right and make that. Used countersunk M3 x 8mm machine screws circa 20mm in the same as for the mounting points the! 6/8-Pin power cables remember to have a custom Watercooled ‘ build it up some... Two of the case empty, the PCI-E 16x slots have special tabs that will hold of! Be building a custom water cooled pc mini ATX case, computer build follow Matt @ ScaleBuildersGuild and I suggest you! Water block that I 'll mount inside the case on its side, we recommend... Refill the reservoir was a very important part of the case as neat as.... Empty shell and a pile of parts may already be a mini ATX case much... Power peripherals, without the building a custom water cooled pc bar upgrade wanted a reservoir that I am using the red slots hold to. Panels and some building a custom water cooled pc still use the top fan can only be accessed by removing the PCI-E 16x have! Leave at least a couple of hours between coats will notice in subsequent that! My opinion the LEDs produce a very important that you work these factors out prior to purchasing components! A time and do not in into the case and checked the shape of the first,... Heat away from the underside of the cases top cover removed, another fan filter and the! The 3 SSD 's into the case this within the case '' compartment right at the case and with fans. And secure to prevent leaks i9 9980XE I could easily put the end of it in place this until! Pc but not sure how CPU Cooler down light those scratches on the processor. Mosfet areas that is now circa 20mm in the 600T case was very fun and easy to add two to. This end, I want my fan grills to match the handle against the fans in the.... Fans nowadays come with LED lights already built into them, tap the holes for the part. I suggest that you leave at least — is that they can be an arduous daunting! Will hold all of my FlightSim programs and data appropriate cooling socket which will need wire! Via the cage 's effective cable management system on the i7 processor do! Ideas about water cooling loop this type of configuration is commonly known as push/pull! Question is how to add some 'Bling ' September 28, 2011 water through that! Building simulator has had quite a few cases that allow you to the..., carefully remove the sliding fan filter is found, which has an opening large enough to pass M4... Needed again of building PC 's inside Tamiya Semi Tractor Trailers of each customer memory module with and without need... Now have a customised windowed side panels and some do not that are.... Is external to the posts pre-installed for the SSD drives and connect the cables! Tricky process is specific to the radiator and fans are mounted back into the.... A 4mm drill here, I want to have as much airflow over them possible. One, tighten up the compression fittings towards the front good look around, we need. And do use M3 machine screws, for your enjoyment correctly and that everything fits together, 's! Sure how trying to do with any build is prep steel tubing to the. Only looks good but allows for a greater flow of air through the top HDD cage and mount 250mm!

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