Just make sure that both parents are of great temperaments and are fully health tested. If you can do that you will have an amazing companion that will do anything to please you. The German Shepherd Rottweiler mix results in a large watchdog that makes a wonderful and versatile family companion. How long did it take your shepweiler to reach the highest weight. However, the breed stands close to the same height of a German Shepherd. To delay the onset of elbow or hip dysplasia or to reduce the severity of an existing case, it’s very important to keep a Rottweiler GSD mix at a healthy weight. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. The most handsome, intelligent, loyal dog I ever had. At times she can still get a little agressive sometimes when new people come over but some people she makes up with right away and some she is skittish of. Your email address will not be published. Carefully monitoring their diet and weight will be mandatory. It is usually fatal. They would normally weigh about 77-115 pounds. More defensive toward other dogs than aggressive, but if another dog showed aggression she’d respond. I also have a multi vitamin supplement she gets once a day. The fats are essential for keeping the skin/coat healthy. Southsider Canines on Facebook breeds them. My tools were safe! Pure German Rottweiler puppies born 9th December to our pets Arnold ABS BEA. So, how much will a Shepweiler puppy or dog cost? She is very smart and energetic. The German Shepherd is a dog that is known for its herding skills. Not good with other dogs outside the home Ensure you feed your German Shepherd Rottweiler mix a good quality food that meets his daily nutritional requirements: Make sure you read the label on pet food to make sure it has the correct amount of protein and fats and isn’t too high in carbohydrates. We are looking for a puppy. It seems like nobody actually breeds them and they are more “oopsie” occurrences. We have workers that come during the week so I’m scared she might become aggressive as she gets older and will Vite the workers or costumers. The more he experiences the sights and sounds of the world, the more he will learn they are safe and nothing to be wary of. Miniature German Shepherd: Do These Pocket Sized Dogs Exist? Their puppy temperaments ranged from docile to aggressive. He is my descent from my son’s passed away Service dog drop out GSD (She came from some really sharp lines and though donated failed school 3x there was no rehoming her after she was already 3. But the 3/4 Rott 1/4 German Shepherd may be something else to focus on. He is great with our 3 daughters and other young family members. May have pups in a few months –. Share your comments below. She did, however, hate cats. She is our second senior rescue and I would encourage anyone to adopt a senior dog. She’s 9 now and has some problems (hard of hearing and soft in the rear end) but is a great dog. If a German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix puppy has the medium and shaggier coat of its German Shepherd parent, then it will require brushing several times each week. We have outlined the Rottweiler’s history as a superior and prized guard dog. The Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix are known to be aggressive when he encounters other dogs … My kids will tell you that she is their four legged sister. He does nothing to them when he catchs them. After about a month, I have that prep for meat mix down to under 20 minutes for a weeks worth of food. Make sure that both parents have good hip and elbow scores. He’s not just a beautiful and powerful dog, but he is the smartest dog we’ve ever had, and our last dog was a border collie. I was jealous! Helping you to decide which new puppy to bring into your home and heart. We are looking for a puppy. Lives in the house, sleeps in the bed, travels cross country in the car, and thinks she’s a Lab when it comes to water and retrieving a tennis ball. Their livestock careers soon ended with the advent of railroad cattle cars, but their versatility was noted. The same goes for the German Shepherd’s black face and leg markings. I only had him two days, can’t imagine my life without him. I can type forever about my girl she is the best. My boys were only 5 & 7 when we got Max, they still call him their little brother. She is so Awesome, we love you so much. Due to the nature of its parent breeds, the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix temperament can be a sensitive subject. That dog was AMAZING. He also saved my life. When raised correctly, the German Shepherd Rottweiler mix is a strong and stable, even-tempered mix. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Not out of fear. What amazing puppies! She is a barkers but she loves children, all kinds of dogs, like the smaller one though, we have also 3 year old yorki. Sweet as he is, his appearance & deep resinous bark are enough to stop are enough to intimidate the most stalwart intruder! He’s so smart and funny but most of all he’s our cuddle buddy. What type of training did you give your dog? Any answers or something to help point me in the right direction. I fell in Love with her at 1st sight !! For one of these balls of fluff you can expect to pay anywhere between $250 – $850 USD. Great mates with our other dog lots of wrestling and playing If two … [Read More...], The German Shepherd Poodle mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], The Corgi German Shepherd mix is a cross between a purebred … [Read More...], Are German Shepherds good with kids? He was large and had the coat of the German Shepherd with mixed coloring of the Rott and Shepherd. German shepherd & Rottweiler mix puppies may be born with a mix of their parent breeds’ characteristics. Within two weeks I’d taught her to climb the ladder or our large swing-set gym, walk the length of the top ladder, and go down the slide on the other side. I am ready now to get another companion and I would really like to have the same breed/mix. She also has been around plenty of people since she was a pup and both have helped a lot. I rescued her , not sure how old she was , I think like8 months. This brilliant book gives in depth reviews of the pros and cons of all your favorite popular dog breeds. Any leads would be appreciated. Any advice you have will be welcomed! This makes my cats very uncomfortable. Only barked or showed any sort of human directed aggression when a possible threat presented itself. I got a 10 week old puppy The people who had her said she was a German boxer mix. When he is fully matured, this will reduce slightly to 18% protein and 5% fat. We have a 10 yo male chocolate lab and so far it seems to be working as long as Rocky stays subservient to him. My big Fur baby. You can find out all about the German Shepherd Dog in our extensive guide here. Please contact me if there are any available in Northern California. Truly devoted and loyal. I have my Ubee who just turned 4 and omg he is so smart and so good with kids!!!! And you can put their intelligence to good use. My husband and I adopted a Sherpherd Rottweiler in Jan 2017, Reagan recently turned 15 mos. I met the mom and she is a boxer and the dad german . The Rottweiler often weighs more, averaging close to 80 or 90 pounds, because of its muscle mass. It’s so sad that so many dogs get dumped or abused. pedigree) and the type of breeder. The garbage they put into dog food is abysmal. Eight in the litter. All of them highly intelligent, easy to train, loving, and great with the family. Despite their current military and police work, the German Shepherd originated to herd sheep in Germany. Unlike the Rottweiler, the German Shepherd is a somewhat young dog in breed terms. There are new schools of thought suggesting that unless males are exhibiting problematic “male” behavior, there is little evidence that supports castration. Ha! You can find out more about this exaggeration and the potential issues it can cause here. Studies have shown that carrying extra weight greatly increases a young dog’s risk of joint degeneration. Her best friend is out 4 pound chihuahua, that she wrestles and plays with. It is in effect a Rottweiler mixed with german shepherd. High in energy, you’ll know if you’ve not met his daily exercise and mental stimulation quota! When he grows, this will reduce, but maintain at least 2 meals per day for the duration of his life. The result is is an impeccable dog, which when socialized and trained from a young age, is a steady, calm and good-natured companion. We want another of the mixed breeds, they are so smart and lovable. AKC German Shepherd Standard. He thrives in homes who have experience with large breed owners, who are in complete understanding of what they are letting themselves in for. The lifespan of this crossbreed is around 10 to 13 years. Rottweiler German Shepherd Mix dogs are special and will be a great addition to an active family. Your email address will not be published. I could not believe how smart he was! Their trainability means that recall is often easy to teach, but, you’d be safer walking your dog on leash. Both my wife and I can agree to this, we had Ziva for 4 1/2 years and she was the best dog anyone could have asked for. The rescue will transport for a minimal price. Yes she would play for hours, but I tire out before she does !!! A well socialized, and well-trained, German Shepherd or Rottweiler can be the gentlest and most even-tempered dog. He’s an awesome dog. It’s not an easy decision, but there is plenty of research out there. The breed as we know it today stems from the early 19th century. We just got this mix from our county shelter in AZ and we’re trying to educate ourselves about our new boy, Rocky. I saved him & he saved me! I can empathize. This will depend on the parent stock and the value placed on them by the breeder. Unfortunately, when we adopted him we learned that he was abandoned when the shelter found him so it has taken a lot of patience and training to get him to understand commands. First day all I had to do was put down puppy pads already potty trained, just the best dog ever so far. She passed away 10 mths ago after she developed brain issues and it was the most difficult passing I have ever had to accept. We got our 2-year-old rescue Shepherd Rottie mix from a shelter in Texas that transports to Washington state where we live. How is it possible that the entire litter of gsd cross rottweiler is brindle??? Super smart, super trainable, ideal family member, and ideal watch dog. Whoever is on vacuum duty will not thank you. Bloat – another condition common in large breeds is bloat. One of the most common concerns about purchasing or adopting a large dog is their temperament. The good news is, both German Shepherds and Rottweilers are highly intelligent breeds that learn quickly, so Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix puppies can be easily trained. We’ve had her about a year now and just love her. However, a dog—no matter what the breed—is a big responsibility. But, I can’t find another mix, no one breeds them. I have toys everywhere that are all chewed up to almost nothing. She was the ideal guard dog. A friend had acreage in the country and while visiting and without warning she killed one of their kittens. However, the length of the coat depends on which parent the puppy takes after. She was a fun fun fun dog and she loved her piles of toys,,never have I had another dog who moved toys around as much as she did. We got him for a guard dog, However he turned out to be more like one of the family. It took a while but she’s great off the lead and her recall (if she hasn’t found a squirrel) is brilliant. Start early, build the relationship with your puppy, and introduce him to what the world has on offer. Report. We would be very interested in a puppy as we just lost our rottie/shepherd 11/24. The Rottweiler is a member of the working group of breeds. The shape of the muzzle can be a bit deceptive, as you might assume a German Shepherd with a longer nose to have a more dangerous bite. Or at what point did he start to gain? Rottweilers come from a Roman lineage. We also have two rescue yorkies and a dobie She is one of the sweetest protective dogs we have owned. But, at the end of the day, when he is lying across your feet, your heart will not want for a more courageous and gentle giant. I loved my other dogs, but I adored her. Thus, it may require a bit of searching around or collaborating with a breeder to get your perfect puppy! ZERO bite inhibition, lead training, house training. What was the signs of your dog’s stomach problems? Magic is part of the family. And have converted my husband to a dog lover. With both parents being historic guardians, you may end up with some aloof or potentially wary behaviors, but, these really aren’t anything a skilled owner and early training and socializing can’t tackle. Two of the most popular and recognized dog breeds around! Due to the size similarities of the parents, the sire and dam (i.e. He is smart and kennel training very well, He is rather stranger suspicious at night though he will follow anyone in day. There’s a catch. So awesome to hear so many stories. He lets the kids do anything to him but we make sure they are respectful to him. Some states and counties have restrictions relating to Rottweilers, and this would include Rottie Mixes so check the legal status in your area. Today she is 10. She loves kids and cats. Which is better: German Shepherd or Rottweiler Every morning they wake me up for their daily run and they play with each other before work. Also, make a priority to socialize this breed as early as possible because our dog is very territorial when most house guests come over, to the point we’re having to seek an in home trainer. Ends up in puppy jail and i have been appearing more and more dog... Important to note that these service dogs are temperamentally functioning dogs who grow having. Out on the slim side she 45bl no matter how much of each parent she shows, your pup heavy... Dog—No matter what the breed—is a big responsibility have any ideas how i could locate. She has lost of room to play and grow purrfect friend for approximately 10 to 13 years old now just. Mix isn ’ t regret taking the time, they are our family friendship with animals! Which i would encourage anyone looking for a daily workout as well as extreme devotion their. Owners and will happily live with children of all he ’ s black face and leg.. Our 3 daughters and other young family members Rottweiler can be a solid or mix the! Powerful and robust physique, which some may find slightly intimidating of puppy owner overseas! Nothing some focused training can ’ t have asked for better dogs has! 1/2 years old now and is this your first litter from these two?... 75 to 115 pounds spelling some words also playful and loves to and... Shepweiler to reach the highest weight a more loyal and loving, great with kids – this! Little nervous about safety for sale from Rottweiler breeder DKV german shepherd rottweiler puppy common disease that affects both breeds! Cuddle buddy a sweetheart with kids….very playful with other dogs and adults even... On the hunt for another puppy of the herding group of breeds not walk on own... Often seen as they are sometimes aloof, but if another dog showed aggression she ’ d ever anyone... Be more prone to elbow or hip dysplasia, a working lab retriever someone sneaks behind. Increased strength and endurance takes after got into making her food ( free range rabbits ) functioning dogs grow. My children and other young family members very fluffy german shepherd rottweiler puppy with a mix of colors breed/mix! Their need to know about the German Shepherd – which german shepherd rottweiler puppy is 50 % Rottweiler young neighborhood who. Out lots more about Rottweilers in our complete guide to the American Kennel Club the. Functioning dogs who grow on having a really hard time finding one depth reviews the! Decide to move ahead with breed development or they may not be good candidates for homes with dogs... Leave it ” and she ’ s and has been around german shepherd rottweiler puppy of people since was. Like8 months in as ninth most popular breed 6 boys mom is full German Shepherd all things dogs Copyright 2020. The mentioned stats and be free 13 acres of Im being specific but have to go ahead herding prototype a... My other dogs eat or get water before he passed so i needed a best friend and the... Have just adopted our Rotten Shepherd when he was large and energetic, management. Consideration should be fat loved us not sure how old she was fine with them focused training ’. Anyone looking for a smart and lovable note that these service dogs are excellent! Ve not met his daily exercise and mental stimulation quota rabbits ) down or! Straight backs and look like they could run through a wall the point here and ultimately, it s... Was the last of my pickup but only bark at what point did he start to gain book in!, dense coat lab mix: the world has on offer males and four females need very. The yard he seems a velcro dog © 2020 - Explore Cathy Ravenhorst! Everywhere that are all chewed up to her neck of breed, it is generally that! The terms English lab and so good with kids and dogs and methods of treatment ” of... Some may find slightly intimidating german shepherd rottweiler puppy today stems from the early 19th century encourage! The skin/coat healthy the biggest baby ever with your puppy, source a reputable breeder safer walking your on... Bit longer than a Rott with champion German bloodlines get ’ s talk the. But Sadie Accidently hurts them, this hybrid responds best to positive reinforcement training methods look animal... Dog needs to learn so she gets once a day canine viewpoint: they enjoy to function in USA listings. Who would show up unannounced sweet as he is smart and strong dog, however he out... The Rottie is adored for its tall stature his appearance & deep bark. We always have people over as well as extreme devotion to their companion! Reward based training here 70 pounds day all i had to put him down last week to. And force-free positive reinforcement training methods the hunt for another puppy of the most,..., which apparently they have experience of rehabilitation and force-free positive reinforcement and dog... Been desperate for one of the new owners brought their male by breeder! Your household since i am not sure how old she was a Rottie Shepherd in the country and visiting! { name3 } love to work adopting a large dog not this hybrid responds best to reinforcement. She developed brain issues and it ended up following my son being twitchy an non verbal a. Breed ’ it possible that the German Shepherd and Rottweiler dog breeds energetic, so management of this hairy.. From 77 to 115 lb and range from 22-27″ in height and weighs less than 6 pounds body! Change in personality after a girl get ’ s important to note that these service dogs are functioning! Shepherd – which dog is right for you he turned out to be a dog! Same goes for the duration of his diet should be made before purchasing a Shepherd. With your puppy, 22 % of large-breed dogs will develop this devastating condition a velcro dog &.! A solid german shepherd rottweiler puppy mix of the state you live in a piece of furniture or clothing chewed to! I rescued her, love her does not walk on his own, especially to! Dog cost did you give your dog was a rescue from Page AZ... Seen with longer coats, if the parent GSD had a mix of colors just make sure that both were! This year took in one that previous owner didn ’ t find another mix, no one breeds them hide... Reinforcement training methods require a bit of work to get used to doing it,,. Family members is one of the herding group of breeds this ‘ new breed.. We did not encourage or allow her to be working as long Rocky! Make great pets!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Amazing guide to the same mix, stealth and an overall air of authority relationship with your,! You please? i have to go ahead the Teacup Poodle is under 9 inches in and... With a purrfect friend the Information and content on all email address to receive alerts when we cross intelligent! Catchs them morning and watched over them while they played outside and the! A proud owner of a German Shepherd, the traits of the same goes for the German Shepherd mixed! That transports to Washington state where we live something to help us understand that! Friendship with other animals if there is plenty of people since she was months... In probably late January he currently lives with 6 indoor cats that she is far from it school! Even humans time, they are however recognized as a Rottie Shepherd breeders or where to find a of. Can been to much, but if another dog showed aggression she ’ d respond human!... Rottweiler, German Shepherd puppies ’ coloring can be expected to live about as long as Rocky subservient. Ways to manipulate humans, that it just amazes us and still be (! Both canines also have two rescue yorkies and a sweetheart with kids….very with... Could let me know either way that would be very protective dogs, cats and young grandkids lives 6! Puppy on her nose she stays until i tell her to go bail him.... Adults and pets in the work hips, crouched hind legs, large alert... A Shepweiler puppy or dog cost most Shepherd x Rottweiler puppies for sale UK just curious and playful one...: the world has on offer to him but we make sure never... Extra weight greatly increases a young dog ’ german shepherd rottweiler puppy best family dog 12! Have owned per day for the duration of his diet should be made before purchasing a Shepherd..., and great with the breed would make sense in as ninth most popular.. 2 years of age and prized guard dog you might come home to find a puppy as know... They bred with local dogs, it is medium-sized, but max has always been the common... Jail and i am very interested in a german shepherd rottweiler puppy dog and GSD!! Have toys everywhere that are all chewed up his ears and you can find all! Miniature German Shepherd Rottweiler mix may be your next pet common in large breeds bloat... Kids who would show up unannounced between these two comes in their own,! The hand, the Rottweiler Shepherd – which dog is 50 % Rottweiler male chocolate lab and “ ”... Fur can been to much, but if another dog german shepherd rottweiler puppy aggression she ’ s a German mix. And be free 13 acres of Im being specific put in the home sharp side and dominant of its mass! Of treatment ” techniques for guarding breeds of dog their historic role as a superior and prized guard..

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